COVID-19 Update

The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has instated a work from home policy for all employees due to increasing concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. Operations for the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) will continue but delays to check processing and mailing may occur until our office re-opens. If you have mailed in supporting documents for your application, the postmark will be honored as the submission date, but we will review these documents upon re-opening of the CSE office. You may experience delays in processing.

Up to $2,500 Rebate for New and Used Electric Vehicles

Purchase or lease an eligible electric vehicle and apply for your rebate today!

See Eligible Vehicles

Up to $2,500 Rebate for New Electric Vehicles


LESS Maintenance

  • Less moving parts
  • Less servicing
  • Longer brake life
Learn more about EVs

LESS Fuel Costs

Charging is nearly 3x cheaper than gas

Calculate Fuel Savings

LESS Pollution

  • Less Fumes
  • Cleaner Air
  • Breathe Easier
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But Wait, There's more!

Now you can save even MORE with federal and local incentives

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Federal Tax Credit

Up to $7,500 available in tax credits!

Learn More
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Local Incentive

Check with your municipal light districts for their latest EV incentives

Green Energy Consumer Alliance

Compare cars and available incentives.

Energy New England

Municipal EV Programs with local incentives and services.

HELPS Electric Vehicle Program

Select MLPs offer a free or discounted charger incentive for customers enrolled in the Scheduled Charging Program.

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